Skills & know-how

MOCOIT Labs is a multi-talented team. Our combined wealth of technological, technical and business management know-how would be hard for you to ignore when you shop for your digital partner.


Mobile technology

Mobile technology is changing at the speed of thought; and so is the way people are doing business using mobility. Mobile technology has transformed from technology for cellular communication to technology for portable computing to user comfort technology because of its versatile functionality. For MOCOIT Labs, staying abreast of mobile technology trends gives us the edge to deliver competitive solutions and applications to our SME clientele. As more and more personal gadgets, business solutions and household appliances get connected through IoT, our challenge is to devise secure apps and solutions with a strong mobile strategy. In this extremely dynamic environment, for our clients to benefit from the vast potential of mobile technology, we make sure that our mobile apps boost sales, improve customer engagement and increase customer loyalty.

mobile technology

Cloud technology

With the Internet pervading personal, occupational and consumer lives, Cloud is the ideal platform for the integration of data from virtually any source. Cloud applications development is an integral part of the solutions that MOCOIT Labs designs for our clients. For mobile apps and enterprise solutions to function optimally, they have to be accessed anywhere, any time. Cloud computing enables us to give clients multiple advantages like: the adaptability of programs and applications while having control over the core code; the opportunity to host the applications and portals of multiple clients; the reliability that comes from cloud customer support; the scalability to integrate functions across devices and other applications; and a more secure environment.

cloud technology

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a coming together of the physical world with the online - a technological ecosystem of hundreds of thousands of physical objects, ranging from wearable electronics to heavy engineering equipment, that are connected to the Internet. All the objects thus connected have an individual IP address and an embedded technology which enable them to interact with each other and to collect and transfer data over a wireless network. As the backbone of a data-driven world, IoT opens up vast opportunities for businesses, consumers, governments and individuals.

At MOCOIT Labs, we harness the futuristic power of the IoT to develop applications and enterprise solutions that help our clients make more informed decisions and thus improve productivity. In fact, all the solutions that we create, like the Retail Display App or the Smart Parking Solution, are designed, built and integrated with a cloud app and the IoT.

Internet of things



When it was first invented in 1994, PHP was the acronym for Personal Home Page. Having evolved over the years, it now stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is perhaps the most popular and most potent scripting language created for web development. The MOCOIT team is well-versed in PHP and we use it widely for all our web-related developments, as well as for general programming.


C# is a highly expressive object-oriented language, which has found favour with software developers for its simplicity and ability to build secure and sturdy applications that run on the .NET Framework. It has many powerful features which languages like Java do not offer; and is capable of innovative language constructs which contribute to making the Internet easy for the user. At MOCOIT Labs, we harness the versatility of C# to build interfaces that give users a rich experience.


The ubiquitous Java, which was initially a general-purpose computer programming language, is today the most preferred language for Android smart phone apps. MOCOIT Labs looks up to Java as our favoured platform for developing and delivering content on the Internet; and also for our applications and IoT developments.


Ionic is a HTML5 framework used to build native and fully cross-platform mobile applications. Focused mainly on the User Interface and looks of the apps, Ionic uses technologies like HTML, CSS and Javascript to develop them. MOCOIT Labs utilizes the single base code advantage of Ionic to craft incredibly interactive native and progressive web apps that can run on any device.

iOS native

MOCOIT Labs iOS Native developers are adept at Objective-C and C programming languages and work on Xcode and Xcode4 platforms.

Android native

Android Native developers at MOCOIT Labs are skilled at building powerful apps and innovative games for mobile devices using Java or C++.


Innovations on the HTML, the language used to deliver content on the Internet, have been ongoing to support more device functions and create more potent web applications. HTML5, the latest version, is most appreciated for its power to enable a user experience that is close to a native application, including web apps that can run offline. MOCOIT Labs gives our clients the advantage of HTML5 when we develop their web applications.


CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheet Level 3) is the new edition of the CSS language which is an integral part of the web development process. This style/design-centric tool is used along with HTML to define the look and feel of a website. MOCOIT Labs has migrated to CSS3 to give our clients a better website presentation in terms of design, easier and smoother updates, and faster loading of web pages.


MOCOIT Labs uses JavaScript generously in our programming to develop dynamic websites for most of our clients. JavaScript creates the interactive effects within web browsers enabling us to update content, control multimedia, animate objects and so on, which make a web page interesting.

Sub-GHz communication

MOCOIT Labs uses Sub-GHz wireless communication technology in our sensor-based applications for smoke detectors, door security, smart parking meters, asset tracking etc. The long range, power- efficient, lower data Sub-GHz protocols help us optimise our wireless solutions to specific client needs.