Services & solutions

We create customer-centric, purpose-driven solutions that transform the competency of your business. Whether it’s an app, an enterprise solution or a website, we design and build it with a smart, efficient code.

When the most critical function of your business becomes keeping up with a data-driven consumer market, a cutting edge business application is your way to go. The demand for consumer apps is spiraling and new enterprise solutions are emerging - to engage consumers and inspire staff and partners for better productivity. MOCOIT Labs conceives and designs compelling mobile apps and enterprise solutions that match your requirement.


Digital marketing and advertisement designing

MOCOIT Labs illustrator team are here to create images that define decisive cultural moments and capture the zeitgeist for our clients. Priding ourselves on efficiency and effectiveness, our approach is hands on, culturally informed and engaged. With a combination of proven SEO practices that influence search results, social media marketing and management, and digital advertising, we tailor our digital marketing plans to each client’s precise needs and goals. We have worked closely with some of the world’s most respected magazines, newspapers, publishers, advertising agencies and design firms to provide engaging illustrations and motion graphics.

Digital Marketing

Native iOS app development

Our Native iOS development capabilities are built on clients’ requirement to improve their customer relationship strategy. The MOCOIT iOS team’s services include: developing a strategy and planning the functional; designing and creating cost-effective native iOS applications; testing the app over various versions of the operating system; post implementation support and maintenance.

Native Ios Development

Native Android app development

Android apps are supported on Windows, Macs and Linux platforms as well as a variety of devices. Hence developing a native Android app becomes a challenge owing to the multiple platform compatibility required. The MOCOIT Labs Android team has the expertise to engineer and implement mobile apps and enterprise applications for various devices and OS versions.

Cross-platform mobile app development

Businesses and their consumers; organizations, their employees and partners; media and audience; educational institutions and their students, are all connected through a variety of mobile devices. When these devices operate on different technology platforms, it becomes almost impossible to communicate without apps that are multi-platform compatible. MOCOIT Labs uses our expertise in various technologies to design and create cross-platform mobile apps for our clients. Our engineers build robust apps with a single code base to ensure they work seamlessly on all operating systems – iOS, Android and Windows.

Cross Platform Mobile Application

Windows desktop applications

With our in-depth technical expertise and vast industry experience, the MOCOIT Labs team is equipped to develop exceptional desktop, client-server, Intranet and web-based application for our clients. We work closely with you to convert you unique business ideas into compelling solutions that improve performance, simplify operations and multiply productivity. Our desktop applications are built to combine the power and performance of desktop applications with the user interface of web apps.

windows desktop applications

Custom web applications

Web applications development is one of our main services at MOCOIT Labs. Our team leverages the latest web technologies to engineer very sturdy apps. Designed to be highly interactive, our web applications are custom-made for individual clients in a variety of businesses. A serious level of agility makes them fast, responsive and highly engaging for the user. Crafted for power, they can handle huge data traffic instantly, while the newest encryption technologies and best coding practices ensure that the apps are secure.

Custom web applications

Customised ecommerce solutions

E-commerce solutions have magically simplified complex business operations. Two of the main outcomes are: improved employee engagement and productivity, and a farther, stronger and quicker outreach to customers. Connected devices with real-time access to data and faster responses increase efficiency and also prepare you to grab new opportunities and bring out timely innovations. MOCOIT Labs equip you with enhanced technological competence that reduces the need for manpower as well as reduces operational costs. Our e-commerce solutions are tailored for each client’s requirement, helping your business stay ahead of competition.

Customised ecommerce solutions

ERP solutions

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions are business management software designed to automate and streamline core business processes in large and small enterprises. MOCOIT Labs custom-designs smart ERP solutions with intuitive interfaces that simplify processes for all users in an organisation. Our smart solutions ensure fast exchange of information between business functions and with external entities, thus enabling quick decision making, greater productivity and accuracy. We thoroughly understand a client’s business to tailor-make an integrated system of software applications that connects, shares and acts upon data from various business functions – production, purchase, sales, accounting, payroll etc. The system also tracks resources like raw materials, cash, inventory, production capacity. In addition ERPs also help automate key manual processes, thereby enabling your business to do more with less.

Erp Solutions


Mobile-ready e-commerce solutions

Almost all purchases can now be done on a mobile device; and it makes better sense for even small businesses to shift to e-commerce with a mobile perspective to hold on to their market share. For our SME clients MOCOIT Labs builds e-commerce websites using responsive design that are natively friendly to mobile navigation. Our e-commerce solutions are optimised for speed and the greatest level of security on a mobile device. They also ensure clarity of communication with respect to product descriptions, warranties, return policy, cost, and delivery times etc. The transaction process is kept simple, easy and quick to complete. And they are made social media-compatible to engage with potential customers or to be used as alternative sales channels.

Mobile ready ecomemrce-solutions

Electronic shelf label systems

MOCOIT Labs builds smart ESL systems for our retail clients to remotely change price displays across shelves, across stores and across products at one click. The electronic price display is automatically updated by a wireless communication network. With the agility and consistency afforded by this enterprise solution our clients are even able to quickly plan and implement promotions and offers based on customer response to products at different store locations. At the other end, the easy-to set up-and- use ESL system takes the hassle out of price management, displays inventory levels and shelf life of products, increases the efficiency of your sales staff and cuts labour costs.

Electronic shelf label systems

Customised sensor network (with cloud storage and remote management)

Sensor technology is an integral part of life today. Right from automatic doors to smart homes and automated offices, anti-theft sensors at stores to entry and exit at a metro station, automated security and health systems to smoke and gas sensors, every life environment is monitored by a sensor network that initiates action at the slightest anomaly. Sensor networks for each life or business environment varies, and are connected wirelessly to monitor, record and store/analyse data. For enterprises, sensor networks ensure seamless connectivity between business components and help in improving operations and efficiency. At MOCOIT Labs we deploy customised sensor networks for various service and industrial enterprises. In the case of larger businesses we also integrate cloud computing to remote-manage the sensors over a large wireless network – as in the case of data centre management, logistics and tracking etc.

customised sensor network

Smart home and office automation

MOCOIT Labs designs IoT-based Smart Home and Office Automation Solutions that are reliable and cost effective. The flexibility and control offered by these solutions simplify everyday chores, save time and make the home or office more secure. We work with our clients from concept to completion of these automation projects in order to ensure that we have in place a fully functional, smoothly coordinated home or office. Our automation technology solutions are built on future growth platforms and include:

  • Climate control for energy efficiency, using sensor-controlled lighting, air conditioning, blinds/curtains.
  • Security systems with card access, CCTV, audio-visual systems
  • Time-regulated automated garden irrigation
  • Mobile access and control of all these facilities

smart home automation

Smart parking solutions

Automated parking technology is the perfect coming together of two industries at their prime - the auto industry bursting at the seams and information technology taking the world by storm. However, it is one of the best inventions of our times – helping save precious time by removing the hopelessly expectant navigation through endless parking mazes. MOCOIT Labs works with city municipal corporations, shopping malls, airports and large organizations to design and deploy Smart Parking Solutions. Powered by IoT, our e-parking solution uses a network of sensors, smart applications and real-time data to optimize the search for vacant slots, along with a sleeve of related services like parking notification, online payment and car search function.

smart parking solutions

Smart assets tracking solutions

IoT has shrunk our world, even bringing far-flung assets close within visibility. MOCOIT Labs uses the power of technology to build smart Asset Tracking and Management Solutions to competently track business assets, inventory as well as assets in transit. All customized to the needs of our clients in businesses as diverse as industrial automation, hospitality, retail and sports. Our solutions put in place a wireless tracking and monitoring facility that improves efficiency, ensures visibility and increases returns on your investment by enhancing productivity, accuracy, compliance and accountability.

smart assets tracking system